Dr. Tim Naddy


DW: DreamWalkers

He who controls the Sleep Realm owns the Wake Realm.  Can the DreamWalkers figure this out in time?

DreamWalkers is a middle grade book series (10k-12k words / 10 chapters per book, 15 book series) that follows the trials and tribulations of three 13 year old 8th graders who deal with the rigors of adolescence, the shifting sands of young love and frustration, and the lure of the outside-looking-in glorious life that awaits them in their transition to the high school environment of OceanView Preparatory.  Thing is, they have a secret.  Through a newfound discovery that they have the ability to walk through others’ dreams, they learn that their powers in the Sleep Realm affect real lives in the Wake Realm.  While they wield a power that is beyond their own comprehension, unbeknownst to them they are being watched by beings who are beyond their own perception, beings who are locked in a greater battle for control over the Sleep Realm because he who controls the Sleep Realm owns the Wake Realm.

The DreamWalker series is smartly illustrated (courtesy of David Cooper and MAKAR Ministries) and integrates enigmatic puzzles that will introduce the world to an new genre in reading entertainment, Active Reading. This innovative integration of old and new media will engage readers with a multimedia, puzzle-solving, social media experience unmatched by any current reading experience on the shelves today.

Remember: It’s hard to keep your eyes peeled, when you’re asleep.