Dr. Tim Naddy


FBK: The Legend of the Mirrored Marsh

YA Fiction: Currently querying for agent representation

Carter’s Crook was your typical small town coastal community where you may not know everyone’s name, but you sure knew the name of everyone’s boat. Known for its white-sand beaches, beautiful waterways and delicious seafood, it was here in the little fishing town of Carter’s Crook that Stink and Diz Nadeau learned the ins and outs of life. That is, until a cereal box prize sent the Brothers Nadeau into a fight for survival in a world that was not their own.

The Scrolls said it would happen. The Sages warned of apathy. The Timpanians are embroiled in a fight bigger than their own lives. Freedom is being threatened by the oppression from the East that has not slept since its defeat during the Breach decades ago. Now, it’s up to Timpania’s new visitors to stop the events they unknowingly set into motion.

It’s not just a bedtime story anymore….

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